A concept

So once upon a time I was involved in a great little concept called Melts Without Borders. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? As co-founder, co-owner, and head chef, we had some great success and I loved every damn moment of it.

Freshman relationships aren’t meant to last.

That’s ok! Just like your first love, you learn from it, take what you can from the experience and move along. Since then, while MWB is rolling along doing their grilled cheese thing, I’ve been involved in more than a few of my own successes. I went to culinary school (got that paper, son!), snagged a few medals in American Culinary Federation competitions, and fell into the very deep rabbit-hole of fermentation.

And I’d wager more than a few of you have seen me about with my cooler – plying my wares. Maybe you even experienced the preservation dinner I produced? Who knows?! In the last 2 years, if you’ve spent any time talking to me at all, you know the love affair I have with this craft.

All of this leads directly to my next passion project. The FERMENTRUCK! (phermen-truck) which I hope to launch in April. Details will be coming along slow and funky. Stay tuned!